Manki Yadav, Nawada, Bihar

No. They said I’m normal and that I can go. There was this problem – when I came back home, nobody used to talk to me. “Stay away! Stay away!” – was what they used to say. Not my family. Tell me how can they ask me to stay away (chuckling). Yes yes. It’s been days now and there’s no work to do. How would it be strong? The things the we went through – why would I come here if it was strong?

Pushpendra, Shamli, UP

There are many problems since the lockdown. The government banned the
movement of people and goods. Everything is getting black marketed. People are even
struggling for food. The studies of kids have been affected. I am a farmer. Since lockdown, I have not
received payment of crops. People are borrowing money from each other to survive. This kissan
samman nidhi is also very less, what can a person… do

Rakesh Kumar, Bihar

The difficulty is that we don’t have money. We stay away (from the village). With our earnings we used to run the family. Now, to go out – the company said that it will be closed for six months. Lockdown happened and they didn’t give the payment. They gave about half of it around five thousand (rupees). The rest they withheld. We work with metals drilling and all in Telangana. We didn’t get any ration here.