Rajesh, Sheikhpura, Bihar

Due to the lockdown we didn’t get anything. Just that in three months we got five hundred rupees. Apart from that we didn’t get anything. We got a ration card but we got an APL (ration) card. The APL card that we got, no ration is disbursed on that. From (the last) three months we are very helpless. What to do? How to feed the kids and ourselves? That’s why, the government that is there should pay… some attention.

Umesh Sharma, Mathura, UP

The impact has been so heavy that it will take 5-10 years to recover from the
lockdown. Our efforts of providing quality education to our children and improving the
economic situation through jobs have all finished. There is no source of income. The children
are troubled sitting at home and we are facing problems for money.
No system of free ration. We are paying probably 15-20 kgs for 60-70 rupees… The only effect of
lockdown is that we used to go out for work but that stopped now. The lockdown is just an
excuse otherwise all people fall sick. The disease is not that serious. Only rich feel its serious,
not poor.

Abhishek Kumar Singh, Bihar

We had sown many vegetables. Pumpkin, brinjal – nothing could sell. When we went to
Nawada, the cops started beating us up saying "bhago yahase bikega nhi".In that process my bicycle
also got damaged while running. All the vegetables that we were farming, all of them got rotten (lying)
there. It was very troublesome for us. When we fell sick, we had to borrow money for the treatment. This… is the trouble we faced.

Sunil Kumar Mathur, Marhara, UP

20th March or perhaps 19th March. I think it was 19 th March when I was driving and a bat had
entered my employer’s house. 12th floor. So, at night my employer told me he had to get the bat out. And so, I went ahead with him. When we got the Bat out, it was kind of injured. I got it out, and held it in my hands. I was holding its wings and examined it closely.